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  1. Where can I download High by the Beach?

  2. Please make a bathing suit for me to rock!

  3. No one understands the 203 but us Webby. I got this other rapper felly that’s the shit as well but ur the original OG OG like ur where around first then he came around in like 2010. I still listen to u too “SKYLINE”. I WILL NEVER FLRGET THAT SONG WEBBY

  4. Yo Webb me and my boys in the 203 use to listen to you spitting fire way back and now your music is like all serious and crap go back to “the old Chris webby” I want you to start again like there goes my neighbor hood. Go back to those days yo “SKYLINE” was my shit then and still is I will never forget that song me and my boys always got you in the 203

  5. Hey Chris, first off you’re one of the best, most original rappers I’ve heard nowadays, but anyway I’m a 16 year old cowboy from Montana and I am not a huge fan of rap.. But you man, you’re amazing. I have adhd and a lot of your music rings true to how I feel, and for your age and how long you’ve been making music, you’re such a good rapper. You have so much talent. It’s my dream to smoke some weed with you, because you’re Chris fucking Webby man… Anyway man, I hope you keep making music and I’ll keep supporting you man! The future only gets brighter from here! Peace out man
    -Jake Pickett, true Chris Webby fan

  6. Hey bro thanks for advocating for all of us GINNIE PIGS! it means alot I took medication for ADHD since second grade and at one point I was prescribed 60 mgs twice a day I nearly overdosed on class almost daily, only someone that has been there knows how it is life was a boring blurr, every summer I wanted to be myself so I would detox for two to three weeks before I could enjoy my summer but I did it anyways every summer, since I constantly work on on my ADHD my self it’s a constant struggle and always will be but life is way more interesting if it’s a challenge I’ve found , weed has helped more than anything but luckily I was born and raised in CO, your music is therepy to me just wanted to show some love keep it up main!

  7. I’m going to buy all the albums so I can slap that shit in my car hell yaaaaaa

  8. You should come to Ottawa, Ontario some time this year for Canada’s 150th anniversary!! Haven’t seen you since the Montreal show after the bars on me release

  9. Top 1% listener on Spotify here 😀

    Just found out you have more tunes here/ ondatpiff – couldn’t be happier.
    I also would love if you could perform in Europe!
    Keep it up!

    Best wishes from Germany, Berlin.

  10. Hey Chris! Any plans to perform in Europe in the near future? You’ve got some fans here in Germany who would kill to see you live sometime! The Splash rap festival is perfect for an act and there are many other really cool locations to perform around here. Fingers crossed man!

    P.S. lovin’ the music, man keep it up!

  11. i wanna thank you so much for being there for my son and listening to him he has had it very rough he’s an amazing kid who also takes care of his sick mother very strong kid could you message me i would like to surprise him thank you again so much

  12. When will the bext tour be? And will you be coming to Maryland?

  13. Glad to visit here.

  14. hi! greets from finland i love your music its been therapeutic to me.
    i have the worst whitdrawal from (Xanor,Opiates) and your music is helping thx for that.. keep the good work up!! if you are coming to Finland contact me at FB or mail kosderi@hotmail.fi :)

  15. I just wanna say your killing. Keep it up and you gotta make a song named “Thrones” straight up all about games of thrones it would be filthy. It would such dope project just an idea. Either way keep doing you