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  1. Omg you are sooooooo awesome love ur new mix tape ninja $wagg :)))))))))))

  2. shoulda done more go fuck yourself styled ruthless upbeat tempos the beats for bar lamed down yah style a bit and ive listened to enough haha

    • fuck you dont like webbys music then dont listen to it bitch

      • Ya dude because Webby isnt ruthless or raw at all..? get outta here, you aint no ninja then!

    • you chris webby is my homie stfu get off his website if u dont like him dont hate on him u jelous fucker

    • Jordon Carter shut the fuck up…
      from what i here in Chris’s songs he worked his ass off and is now one of the best so stop being jealous of his success

  3. Hey Webby,

    My name is Matthew Rosenbaum and I go to Utica College in central New York. Me and my fraternity brothers were trying to throw a huge concert on our campus but didn’t know who to sponsor when I thought of you. Was wondering if you’d be interested or who we should properly get in contact with to set something up. Been a fan of yours since TMNR and would really think the college would benefit from you coming here. Hope everything is going well. Keep making that fire, and I hope to here from you soon.

  4. Dear Webby;

    Hi. My name is Dan Torres. I’m 19 years old and, like everyone else on this page, I’m a huge fan of yours. I know you probably see about a million of these a day. I mean, I’m just one of your 100,000 followers on twitter, but I’ve really been wanting to say this to you. The first time I ever heard one of your songs, it was my senior year of high school. Actually, it was September 15th of 2010 to be exact. Since then, you’ve been a huge part of my daily life. Every day when I’m on my way to school, I listen to the song Wake Up, to remind myself that life should be enjoyable, cause you never know when it will end. When you came to Buffalo to perform, I was reciting every lyric to every song you were singing on stage. But I digress.

    Two days ago, I was listening to Bars on Me (your best yet, by the way) and I listened to the song Fragile Lives. It really affected me because I lost a friend of mine a year and a half ago, and hearing about your friend Nick really connected with me. The pain never really leaves does it?

    The real reason I’m here is that I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for a few reasons. First and foremost, for your music. Every song the I’ve heard by you is real hip hop, which as you know these days is quite hard to come by. Every song you’ve written sends some kind of message, which not a lot of rappers, let alone musicians, have the power to do. Second, I’d like to thank you for the memories you’ve given me. From your concert, to the parties I’ve gone to that your musics been playing at, even when I’m in my car on a dark night. Every memory that I have is great. Lastly, I wanted to thank you for being my inspiration in life. There are three rappers that have shaped my life and music. Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and you. Your story gives me the strength to keep striving to reach my dreams, and even the strength to help inspire others. You really have made my life so much better since 2010.

    I hope this message gets to you, but then again, I hope one day soon I can tell you this in person. If I had the money, i would buy the platinum package just so I could get the chance to let you know. But if you’re reading this, thank you Webby. For being my hero. Keep doing what you do best.

    Always a ninja,
    Dan Torres

    • No problem brotha. Glad I could be an inspiration. And thank you for your support!

  5. FUCKIN CHRIS WEBBY!! stay white

  6. Chris Webby is a rap god. So much better than anyone out there now and i could listen to all his songs on repeat all day. I have all of them haha give me a shout out on twitter Chris! ive been trying for a while haha @trevor_onori

  7. Are you still performing at the A3C Festival in ATL?

  8. Just gotta say well done and keep it up! love your music, Please come do a show in Minnesnowta!

  9. Hey, why is Teenage Mutant Ninja Rapper included in the discography of the Platinum package? That is one of my absolute favorite tapes!! Can you include it??

    • we couldn’t re-issue TMNR, but it is still available for download on my ‘Music’ Page up top.

  10. About to go silver on Datpiff!
    Bars On Me is sick Webby. Can’t wait til I hear that shit on the radio!

  11. If you didn’t know , i just wanted to tell you that you have fans from Serbia !
    We love you , and keep up with good work bro!

  12. Hey Chris, i know you proly get thousands of these and there will just be more with the release of Bars On me, when i first started listen to underground/independant rap your songs off of white noise would be on the side bar (youtube 2-3 years ago) and i listened and thought you sucked lol, then on a mac miller video some hater was talking about how your the worst white rapper ever, so i thought he cant be that bad, and i listened to em (this was before there goes the neighborhood) and LOVED ALL of your songs, then bought like the new ninja i am your album when it came out

    The only thing I was disapointed about Bars on me was that you didnt bring on Rotimi lol, but whatevs, its not really that big a deal.

    Any way, ive been telling all my friends about you and you gotta come to Vancouver Canada, i will do my darnedest to make sure you show gets sold out even though i have no doubt it wont. Anyway, have a nice night !

  13. bars on me is great man, thanks for continuing to motivate me to chase this never ending dream, i wuz guna ask you ta check my soundcloud, but fuck it, just remember the name AC Tha Prodigy, ill see you in a few years man.

  14. Best shit I have heard in a long time!

  15. Got Bars On Me before Datpiff crashes


  17. feel so bad i don’t have any cash to buy your bars on me collector packages, my rents are strict bout the credit card on the computer, so looks like no package, hopefully you will have another one for the future, when i get a job, hopefully, would be fucking epic. no doubt.

  18. Mayne, you tear it up with every mixtape you’ve dropped, and in There Goes The Neighborhood. You’re a huge inspiration for me, trying to make it from nothing. Even tougher when youre white and from the burbs. But hey, if you came to AZ to do a show, I would lose it, Bro. And you could have that dude, Futuristic open for you? That would be the sickest show around.. Consider it.. We love you here in Arizona, Web..

  19. You are a beast man, Toads Place in may was the first time i saw you live, fucking killed it dude. Can’t wait to cop that platinum package asap. Pretty sure i’ve invested over $500 in chris webby merchandise, Even got that weed flag tank top, big fan Web. Bars On Me is gonna be dope, keep killing it master splinter!

  20. Is it possible to buy the mixtape cd’s without the tshirts and posters?

  21. Yo go to Jersey

  22. You need to get to El Paso Texas After I get back from deployment man! You are the shit Webby, can’t wait to hear the rest of #BarsOnMe the tracks you leaked are sick brotha

  23. Alright buddy. I was just wondering if it’s possible to buy all your mixtapes without the t-shirts and posters.

  24. I just ordered my Chris Webby Platinum Package! Im a bit confused as to how i will get my phone call?

  25. Yo webby you need to come back to Toronto and sell out again Canada loves you, you have fans everywhere your show last time was dope come back!!

  26. Yo Webby, just dropping by to show some love. I’m a huge fan, saw you in mass back in February and even though you sounded sick you still fucking killed it. sadly i couldnt get a ride to your free show at Uconn the other week, but you need to open a Bars On Me tour somewhere here in northeast CT so i can fucking see you and we can smoke a blunt or twenty. ha keep being real dude, your music never gets old. the single is dope, gettin me pumped for the CD

  27. Why is TMNR not included in the CDs? That’s unfortunate :(

  28. How does it feel to be one of the best upcoming rappers out there. I’m one myself and your track Starry Eyed give me inspiration to make it.

  29. Is there a certain day u have to order the package by?

  30. Yo I just ordered that platinum package but it never asked any where for my phone # how’s that call gonna work

  31. Hey ninja I really want that “weed star” american flag shirt. Where can I get it.? Like the one of the cover of bars on me please let me know where I can get it..true fan of your music keep doing it ct swag

  32. Yo, dropping a message to show some love. You gotta come back to Upstate NY when you get the chance. Met you at Northern Lights in Albany, caught you at The Westcott in Syracuse, bunch of ninjas up here. You’re the realest out there. With your attitude and determination you’ll make it to the top in no time, but to your true fans you’re already there. Keep up to amazing work, DJ Semi and Webster Senior as well!

  33. explain to me why you havent been signed yet…im confused

  34. you should really try to get on some tracks or something with Tech N9ne and Yelawolf and all their people you’ll have a deal probably in no-time!

  35. I really want that “weed star” american flag shirt. Where can I get it?

    • Keep checking that webbymerch.com – I have a “Bars and Stripes” shirt dropping that’s similar.

  36. Is there gonna be any posters of you in the new merchandise coming

    • Yes. We have some coming very soon.

  37. Webby! Me and a friend are going to the us for three months next year, it would be dope if we could see you (: can’t wait for bars on me, i’ll defenently buy it!

  38. bars on me better come out like you said or someones gonna get shanked

  39. can’t fucking wait for bars on me to drop. been waiting on this all year, your shits dope, keep it up webby

  40. Damn,
    Webby’s page just blew my fuckin mind! Great work man!!
    Can’t wait to hear Bars On Me!! What do I need to do to get you to come do a show out here in Utah?? I KNOW after this tape drops, BOOMS of people are going to start listening and recognizing exactly what you are doing man!! IYou are about to make it big. Mad props and respect for getting DJ Drama to host. That move alone is going to make big things happen. Since we met in March you have had me inspired to keep grinding no matter what the world throws at me. I owe you my life man. Thanks for all you do.
    -Eli Utah

  41. Webby you gotta come play a show in Boulder CO or near Boulder! I’ve been dying to see you in concert since I heard just dance and raising the bar a couple years ago and I’ve been following you ever since. My buddies and I got all your songs and all we need is to see you live now!

  42. 6 more days couldnt seem longer. too fuckin stoked for bars on me

  43. chris webby ohio copblock is looking for someone to record a rap about police brutality and injustice check out the main page copblock.org for more but if you or a manager could contact me at ohiocopblock@gmail.com we could negotiate a price and i would believe would benefit both of our ventures.

    in my opinion your probably going to be a better lyricist then andre 3000 dont sell your self short

  44. Love you!!!! <3 can't wait for bars on me (y) hope to see you at toads 😉

  45. I’ve been listening to you since before you even made it big, but now here you are, big as a fat blunt on a friday night. I just wanna say that I’m damn proud of you, Chris. You blew this rappin’ shit out of the water. Keep this shit rollin’, man. Peace. #ninjacrew.

  46. How come Optimus Rhyme isn’t under the music section?

  47. #Barsonme gona be siicckkk WEBBY WHEN YOU COMING TO UK LOL!!!!!!

  48. #barsonme … bitch

  49. Hey it’s kellykid I’m a Oregon rapper trying to put OR on the map. I would appreciate it if you could give some feed back on this video. And point out anything i need to fix. thank you. ninja out.

  50. Hey, Webby fans! This is where you can leave messages for Chris! If you’re lucky, he might respond! Keep it respectable!