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  1. Yo webby, I just graduated basic training for the U.S. army and I’ll say that your music got me through some rough training. You should totally make a song for the troops. I know you could come up with some good shit.

  2. Yo Webb. No homo. I don’t usually comment on shit but I was having a rough day and I put your music on shuffle and it got me pumped. U turned my mood around. Have fun on tour. Smoke one for me and keep the Ill music coming!

  3. I’m beyond siked for this concert in omaha!! I’ve waiting 4 years and finally I get to hear it live!

  4. Oh my gawd you are so cute you signed my shirt and took pictures with me your awesome favorite rapper!

  5. You sir are straight up the greatest rapper period. I first heard your song left lane, and after the GTA reference I was sold, your lyrics are the most intricate and honestly your an inspiration. You take hip hop to a whole new level, and truly have raised the bar. Keep doing you cause your an inspiration to all your fans and one of the real lyricists out there

  6. wow chris. fucking epic and you to me were better than seeing tech, first for both of you, only because i never knew you existed. haven’t turned u off since i left : ) just good shit, thanks for spitting ur soul and letting me rock it out in mine. i wish ur store was open. best bitch ever (self proclaimed) I can help w/ that if you need. i own a business and have done my own websites for years. don’t have tons of knowledge but know some good shit and that’s all both of us seem to do HA. wishin u well every fucking day, damn son ♥


  8. When are you dropping your new songs man!?

  9. come to Canada this year, everyone is waiting for Webby

  10. Hey Kidd Respect to your Music Game Aight! Since I Heard Bars on Me Mixtape i became a fan No Doubt. Real Talk though… Did you truly get the head Tatted or was that a scene and thats all?

  11. Hey man, i’ve been searching for dddaaaayyysss. Where the fuck can i buy the Yankees flap hat on the cover of White Noise lp? By the way, ill see you in Santa Cruz California

  12. Hi chris webby my name is mike watson im from boston massachusetts i want to start off by saying i have listened to you’re music even before anyone knew who you were. i always knew you were a dope rapper and i always believed in you. but please hear me out, when i was young i had a bad problem with drugs and i didnt know what the fuck i was gunna do in life but i ended up homless in boston for two weeks i moved to my aunts house in braintree near by boston and shes help me bring me back on my feet and now i figured out “the secret” to life and i know what i have to do i sit up and rap every night and i will”stay in my lane” i will make music i will be big, rap is what i decided to dedicate with my life to no if ands or butts about it and IM NOT GOING ANYWERE i will not stop making music till i make IT all i ask of you is that you reply for now thank you i will continue to support you as much as i possibly can. GO webby

  13. Ordered a sweater a while ago $60 never received it… Really disappointed… :/

  14. Hello! I am a 19 year old hip hop artist coming out of the untapped region of Northern New England (Rochester, New Hampshire). I have a very gritty style, and I grew up listening to old school hip-hop. I am currently majoring in marketing with a minor in communications at Plymouth State University, and I work to apply my knowledge of marketing to help grow my fan base and find opportunities. I am working hard towards my every day and am constantly improving. Here is a link to my latest track on soundcloud:

    505- https://soundcloud.com/tannerhebert/505a

    If you have any more questions about me, or would like to hear more material from me, I can help you out. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

    Twitter: @herbertraps
    IG: @herbertraps

    “For Tobacco Use Only” coming Spring 2015!

    Previous release: J Cole Fire Squad Remix – soundcloud.com/tannerhebert/fire-squad

  15. Webster, your music is meant for the burbs and for those who smoke that fresh herb all day while riding in that left lane. keep that music comin!

  16. the new merch isnt loading, im tyring to cop the tyedye hoodie, dope as fuckk

  17. Just had to say your music means the living world too me, I know you must hear that a lot, but your music is what connected me and my friend Damien back when I was in middle school. I had nobody and then suddenly I had him, and it was like we were family, “I need a dollar” had us jammin every fuckin day after school. He’s my brother till this very day even though i’m livin in Florida, I stay reppin Connecticut. Webby, man, your music and your message has impacted me more than you can imagine. To see you collaborate with modsun, and dizzy has got me goiing insane, I ‘d admire them as much as you. god damn, youre a rap god, someone who can change people’s lives, and I know that because i’m speaking from experience. I hope to God that you’ll read this, because I think it’s important that someone know’s how much someone means to someone and not in some homo way either. After my mom’s boyfriend died right before they got married, your rhymes especially “Fragile Lives” had me choking up. I aspire to be someone one day, I’ve always had a feeling that I’m gonna be somebody who makes a difference. And your music has pushed to the point of striving to make it big, one way or another. So I’m gonna staying smoking, and stay drinking until the day that I’m big and I’m famous. But anyways man, Stay true to who you are as a person and as a rapper. Appreciate you and your music always..
    -Chase (Cvan216@gmail.com)

  18. What’s up webby!??
    Well anyways, I just wanted to say that I actually get the stuff your writing on paper and putting into a song. I get it a lot. And I love your songs so much. But no ones probably reading this so I’ll say this quick. I can’t wait for you to come to Indiana in May!! See Ya there webby

  19. What Up webby!
    I’ve recently just found your music via the special effects tour I will be seeing you live in slc with tech this may. I have to say I absolutely can not wait! Your an amazing artist and I wish I found you sooner! Everything I’ve herd has kept me so into your tunes and rhymes like I’m totally hypnotized. I especially love the private school message in the song chemically imbalanced. Like I said can’t wait to see you live!!!!!

  20. Chris Webby, I Am Josh Chaput from Connecticut. I am going to be a musician. I am seeking any leads I can to get where I am going. jchaput8@gmail.com
    860 2046511

  21. Come to Germany!!!!

  22. Hey webby, just wanted to let you know im a huge fan. I love your music, especially best in the burbs and the checkup man. Your cypher interludes on your new album had rollin man! Your music helps me remember to just keep my brim low and live life to the fullest. I bump your shit for everybody who likes rap, and we all know your underated man. Im so blessed my cousin showed me you in 2006 and ive been able to witness the journey up to now. Anyway, keep doin your thing webby, you blew my mind on 4/20 last year in denver and i hope you come to chicago soon man! Livin at my parents house, determination is hard to find, so thanks for the motivation to grind hard everyday and work for what i envision. Peace!

  23. hey webby just wanted to drop sum love im sure you get this mail everday your dope though an ll it took was one listen to screwed up last year and you gained a new fan im from michigan really bummed i missed your show in chicago but yea i hope u come back that way soon ther then dat keep rhyming boo you got it baby

  24. Webby I am a huge fan, my name is Andy and I live in Albany new York I have all your albums and have adhd which is very similar to add I have a lot of the same problems and can relate to your rymthes whenever i can I put my name out there for you and it would really mean a lot of you could follow me back on Instagram @andyaunkst thanks and I love your work keep it up and the concert in Clifton park was dope

  25. Webby, I am a huge fan of yours. I stared listening to you back in eighth grade, I listened to Webster’s Lab and it got me hooked. Now I’m a high school senior and I still listen to your music every day, you’re music has helped me out a lot when times were tough thank you for that. It was an honer getting to meet you at Reggies in Chicago it was totally worth the three hour drive there and back. Keep doing what you do and don’t ever change man.

  26. Yo I’ve been trying to get your attention check ur dm all I’m askin for is tht u just reply cuz you will be hooked after tht. I got those skills u can’t teach the rhymes I come up with are insane I got mad flow so plz just anwser you won’t be disappointed I promise

  27. Hey wassup man, so i’m a musician and all i need is some assistance to get started and get my name out their, and you could be someone who can help me, i know your a busy person but if you ever get a chance, i live in Ferguson Mo, and id like to talk to you. if you can hit me up and let me know anything that would be great if not then i understand.

  28. Hey I just wanna say I support you and love your music. You have influenced my life tremendously with your art. Keep up the good work. I have a friend who puts on events and was asking how much you charge per show. I’m not sure if you the actual Chris webby checks these messages but if not can you direct me in the right direction in regards to booking you for a show in Winnipeg ,MB canada

  29. Web, bro I need some change! Don’t wanna come here no more. Man, struggles in the thought. Tryin get some things solved. Your the man. Let me get something done!

  30. Webby youre goinng to buffalo pleaseeeeee book something in TO soon missed u last time in canada gotta see u live atleast once !!

  31. Chris, I admire your work. You have done this independent and have made it to where I can see how one can make it on their own. I also have a passion for rap and hip hop, its exactly what I want to to for my life. We only live once and live is to short to live it and have regrets. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life behind a desk. Life is just too short to do what you love. best of wishes and i hope to be where your at one day.

  32. You should make a T-shirt with the cover of The Check Up as the entire shirt, it would legit be the best shirt ever!

  33. Webby diggin the new shit in the store but where’s the snapbacks bro????!!! Would kill to have one of those Homegrown music black and white snapbacks. Shits fresh as fuck!

  34. Where can I get that new grassrootscalifornia collab hat? Sickest hat I’ve ever seen.

  35. Webby you are sick man. I listen to ur music every day. It would be super cool if u came to idaho.

  36. You should post the release dates of the album/tape you made with Sap that would be sick man. Can’t wait for it to drop

  37. Yo web been a ninja since the underclassman yo you’re the fucking shit man! Ou gotta come to Missoula Montana tons of fans here and tech stops by all the time it would be one to remember for sure! Keep it steezy and keep doing your thing my man.

  38. Webby you have awesome music man! I think if you made music videos for the three cyphers from Chemically Imbalanced they would be the best. Just imagining the cyphers into music videos seems like it would work and be a fucking hit.

    • comment on this if you agree

  39. Webby you’re dope man! I showed you to all of my friends here in North Dakota and they all love you now! They are all jacked about you coming to Bismarck, ND with Tech 9! can’t wait for the best concert to hit ND!

  40. Great show last nigh

  41. i kno; u get this from fans allllll the time from allllll over the country but I’ve been dying to see you. I live in South FL (ugh) and I had tickets to see u in Ft Lauderdale but…. and I only took 1 mg.. ok maybe just 1.5mg of Xanax and my dumb ass relaxed & burned beore ur show… and Grrrrr…fell asleep. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I’m right outside Charlottte, NC & WAITIN for u to come here. I almost went to ur last Homegrown concert in CT but $$$$ nope. U comin.. I can make the trip to Raleigh but CHARLOTTE!!!!
    I’m listenin to u right now. I bought Chemically Imbalanced (Lovin Lovin Lovin it!!!! Actually listenin to The Checkup… You Don’t Really Want It.. BAD ASS! Both albums GR888.. somethin about “Not Like Me” that I love cuz it’s so damn TRU!!!! I’ve been addicted to u since White Noise LP. U kno it but u got some kinda crazy talent.. no doubt. Wish I could chill with u, burn & jus see what ur really like. Most of u I’ve seen in part normality are interviews I’ve watched on Youtube. Alright.. keep that brim low as ur do not disturb sign LOL.
    Ok.. Jen out now on Won’t be Today. PS…Nice Camaro!!!!

  42. The webby store is not letting me go to the website to purchase things. Help?!

  43. If you ever make xxl tell them fuck off. They didn’t take you before, and now they’re evolving in to shit. Keep doing you web, don’t sell out.

  44. im trying to buy a sweater for me n my bf but your store isn’t workingg!!!

  45. look i dont mean to be wierd or anthing but i LOVE LOVE ur music and i would love to see u live some day if u could come to portland Oregonand play i would to listen to u live and meet u yours truly kavrin kreger

    • ur and MGK should do a song for everyone that would be great and him are all i listen too anymore one of my favorets are bowser i love it because i grew up one all that type of stuff and dont get to hurt throwing fire balls at bowser :)

  46. U da shit..ur like all I listen to (well at least of any new shit)… still listen to my old school rap… Dre, Snoop, Eminiem, 2Pac, Biggie, Eazy-E.. ok now Eazzy-Y makes me feel old LOL. Right now I’m stuck on The Check Up “Love …Not Like Me” and of course Chemically Imbalanced.. the first CD i actually PURCHSED in I don’t kno how many years. Damn I wish I just bumped into u somewhere (without ur brim low implementing ur Do Not Disturb Sign…LOL) & smoked & chilled & did whatever cuz u seem like so much fun. But fuck Adderall. With my ADHD.. all Adderall did for me was glue myself to my computer for48 hours+++ was soak in shit online… oh and then made me lose my job for being up 48+hours Str8 and taking my script of Xanax to get over the comedown/anxiety and falling asleep at my desk. Blessing in disguise cuz I hated that job. If u don’t come to Charlotte then I’m gonna come see ur ass in CT… like did with Eminem at The Anger Management Tour in Detroit. Wish u would hit me back but u’ve got too many fans to bother with me…. OR DO U? :)

  47. Yo Webby! Your store isn’t working! Fix it! I’m trying to buy some sweaters!

  48. Yo webby fix your store please, im tryin to buy some merch

  49. yo man I’m having a problem, i bought a mystery box and i still haven’t got it, i tried too email customer service but it didn’t work can you email me whites0n2022@aol.com

  50. yo man I’m having a problem, i bought a mystery box and i still haven’t got it, i tried too email customer service but it didn’t work can you email me whites0n2022@aol.com