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  1. Heyy webby! I turn 21 in december but want to have a party in june if you would come hangout join the party id be happy enough! If not please come to unh! Or gloucester ma ☺️ Please and thank you!!

  2. It has been almost 3 months ( since i was suppose to receive my package) and i still have not received my gold package for jamo what is goign on?

  3. Webby please come to Binghamton day one fan

  4. I love Chris Webby’s music but i will never buy from his store again…i spent $35 and never got the hat i ordered. i even emailed them twice saying that i didn’t receive it….what a rip off

  5. Love your music I got your new CD last week Loved it. read the THANK YOU message you wrote. Cool as Hell man. You inspiered me to make Music kind of like how eminem inspered you. I’m on Youtube look up ”Ty Williams freestyle” I’m working on my first Mix Tape. jest check it out thats all i ask.

  6. Yo when are u gunna be in the Danbury/brewster/hartford area? I wanna go to a show soon

  7. This website is bull. Ordered a sweatshirt months ago and still haven’t gotten it, what is up with that?

    • same happened to me with a hat

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  11. you need to tour your the truth

  12. What up brotha, beena huge fan for years. I remember drinkin bud heavys with my friends and watchin the Marist/backseat of the car freestyle video an we all lost our shit. so dope. I love listening to a few songs from WL an WN an then tossin Jamo Neat. The progression you’ve made as an artist is undeniable. Each album has been better than the previous. I especially like the diversity on this new cd, Master of Ceremony combined with Feelin Like. So fuckin dope.
    You should stay mixed up with Tech. You both have that “precision diction” thing down packed. Deadliest combo on a track.

    The best thing about your career IMO, is your freestyles. Minus the one you did on Sway in the am (no hate), everyone you busted out in a radio sesh or function has been right off the dome (bring it back haha) and that is the dopest dope bro. Keep rockin mics man. Peace.

  13. I ordered my boyfriend a sweatshirt on Saturday the 8th and I have not received it yet nor had I been informed when it would be here.

  14. whats up webby and everybody on here, my name is jonathan flores and im 19 years old from norwalk connecticut and i got a mixtape out on datpiff and soundcloud called dopeconn you should check out asoon as possible, i got alot more work coming on the way, follow me on soundcloud and as well on instagram which you can find on my soundcloud page. i hope you guys enjoy it and follow my progression, its only uphill form here and i ask you guys join me, stay blessed sincerely jon “guapo” flores <3

  15. I still haven’t received anything. I just want the cd at this point what’s up?

  16. Got my package with no glass…. Ordered the silver package. What up doe?

  17. Fucking bullshit. Ordered the silver package. Got a cd and a shirt. No glass no autographed cd either. Fucking bullshit. I waited almost a fucking month. Fire someone and get your shit on point.

  18. So what’s up your just going to keep our money. Shit ain’t cool bruh. I ordered my cd the 23rd and the post office hasn’t even got it yet. I’m about to drive up to ct and send everyone’s cd out myself. Someone has to do it.

    • I feel your pain bro. At least paypal has our backs. Sad because I didn’t even want a refund, I want my merch. But paypal will get your money back. This dipshit that lives in n.j. is our issuee. Fucking shitty business. Please do not buy anything from the online store here. You will not get it.

    9405509699937766494166 USPS. WOULD LOVE MY SHIT… MAYBE THIS MONTH..?

  20. Ordered my shit almost 2 weeks ago and it hasnt been sent… Anyone else have this problem?

    • Yea man same shit the tracking just says “shipping label printed”. I have been waiting patiently for 2 weeks now :[


  21. Yo web i been a fan since basically the beginning man ive seen you twice and one was before bars on me even dropped. gotta pay homage to you but id just like to put my soundcloud out there a manes gotta start somewhere. appreciate it : https://soundcloud.com/eazymack97

  22. yo webby great fucking ep man

  23. Whats good?? The new album is dope af! That’s all i’ve been bumpin since it came out. I’ve been breaking down all the lyrics and can’t find legit lyrics anywhere. In, “Feelin’ Like”, about the sixth line (At least I made it out my motherfucking………..) What is that line???

    • Cul de sac – It’s a private/dead end road, driveway or circle typically found in the Burbs. Great line.

  24. Hey so I also have a problem with my package I ordered a gold package and the tracking of my shipment says only the label has been printed
    Was wondering where the package is
    Just wanna listen to jamo neat

    • did you every get your package?

  25. The post office said the premium package I ordered hasn’t even scanned at the post office…meaning it hasn’t even hit a post office… so what’s going on? My friend ordered his smaller package with just the cd and a glass the same day as I did and he got his this morn! What’s up?

  26. Webby follow me back on Twitter lol just got outa rehab to ur new album my fav is feelin like some good shit fuck drugs don’t need em

  27. And is it possible to do a concert to Virginia USA sometimes

  28. Chris u keep me going every single day without ur music idk what I would do I hope u read this cause I think ur the most amazing guy I know keep making the mist amazing music I’ve ever heard

  29. So its been almost week and I still haven’t received my jamo neat premium package. I have a 115dollar bank charge but no email confirmation. I orded it on 6/22 and was wondering if you could help out. Email: mjwwillard@gmail

  30. I’m nice af

  31. Webby if u c this follow me back on Twitter I want u to read a song I wrote but don’t want someone on here to steal I’m 16 from ny big fan follow me seriously

  32. Yo Webby acouple years back you played at a bar called Mulcahy’s in Wantagh NY, and you F*%$ing killed it. You haveto comeback and do it again

  33. Yo I just got back to New York from working in New Fairfield Connecticut and started listening to your Chemically Imbalanced mix tape here. Shit was some flame. It would be dope to hear from you tho I know alot of boys out here in Niagara Falls, NY would pay good to see you perform man think about it. Keep putting out that CT fire boyy

  34. Hey ninja, you for real should think about getting a gig @ Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI in 2016. You know you got mad fans here!!! The biggest music festival needs it Webby!! Extra points if you tour with Hopsin!

  35. When u visiting The Netherlands? Amsterdam?

  36. Come to Vermont again? *thumbs up* XD pleeeease XD

  37. June 27 2015:

    read this here: http://radmanart2ndhome.blogspot.com/

    Also I want to brag about this guy; he is amazing! I am 3rd generation South East Sicilian both sides of my family from Connecticut and before that my family’s family were settling there when it was a thriving shipping port. I think this guy might actually be Italian too. He loves to rap about how great Connecticut is. I have never bad mouthed Connecticut. I have always said all the wonder that lies just outside of New York City. Maybe it is because so many famous and super intelligent people that live there. Maybe it is the unreal and stupendous summers and autumns; the and the crisp clean air in the winters or maybe it is because Connecticut is just plain great. I will always miss her like I missed my mom when I left home for the first time:


    Christian Webster (born October 13, 1988), better known by his stage name Chris Webby, is an American rapper from Norwalk, Connecticut. Chris Webby has released many mixtapes such as the DJ Drama-hosted Bars On Me (2012) and his EP There Goes the Neighborhood (2011), which peaked at number 101 on the Billboard 200. He has worked with various artists such as Freeway, Mac Miller, Joell Ortiz, Big K.R.I.T., Method Man, Prodigy, Bun B, Wiz Khalfia, and Kid Ink. In 2013 he and his label Homegrown Music signed a deal with E1 Music. He then released Homegrown, another EP, in November 2012. Webster released his debut studio album Chemically Imbalanced on October 27, 2014.

    On December 21, 2010, Webby released his fifth mixtape Best in the Burbs. The mixtape featured collaborations with Statik Selektah, Ski Beatz, and Big K.R.I.T. and has been downloaded over 100,000 times on DatPiff. It had even shut down DatPiff’s servers due to the high amount of downloads upon its release, the first mixtape to do so.

    • I forgot to mention I am from old school Middletown. I do not know too much about those fancy folks down in Norwalk, Connecticut. If Chris’s family is Italian than I am sure we have very much in common concerning Connecticut life and growing up there. I am glad I could give him props though. “Radman_Art” in Google now rends About 442 results and that is the lowest I have seen. My blog has gotten 700 hits since April. http://radmanart2ndhome.blogspot.com/

  38. lookin forward to new album, u released a vid for stand up yet? and wheres mac been at? comin from napa right now

  39. Web, you need more merch! I wanna get a new shirt (or 10) to rep your shit!

  40. Webby I have been listening to you consistently for 5 years now, you are without a doubt my favorite artist, I will pay for an autographed poster from you. If this is do-able please email me at TSchaeffer81@gmail.com

  41. Wear do you get the hat for the live it up song??

  42. Webby I lov tht lettin rain shit ur songs get me tight cas it’s all th same shit I go through

  43. By the way, chemichally imbalanced is an AMAZING ALBUM!!!!

  44. Your music means more to me than anyone else. (Except bon jovi, he comes first I’m sorry) but I love your clothing! I would love to get some except they’re a little pricey.. I hope to one day go to a concert of yours

  45. I would like to start by saying that you did one hell of a show last night in Worcester! I have listened to your music before and have heard your name around town but last night was purely inspirational! Seeing someone from hometown breaking through the barrier with actual talent is something else and I have to congratulate you on your uprising :) For someone looking into creating music, preferably rap, what advice can you give when it comes to finding your own sound? And once you do, what’s the next step? In other words, how did you discover your own voice, and what did you first do with it? I can’t wait to see you live again and I am looking forward to your next album, I have a feeling it’s going to be huge!

  46. Yo if you are willing to feature on an exclusive track of mine, hit me back at youngmuncy@gmail.com with a price.

  47. Wats good webby not gonna say much but I love u nd I can’t wait to b making music with u

  48. I really like your music your now my second favourite rapper after eminem please tour to England so I can watch you live

  49. CWebb, I’m late to the Webby game. Heard of you a while ago, but never gave it a chance. I did last week by accident. Now you’re climbing my list of favorite solo acts. Your flow is untouchabe. I’m glad you’re not on a major label cause we wouldn’t get to know the real Webby. Your flow and lyrical game is on point! I’m from the 906 so getting to shows is impossible. I’m a lifer now man! Keep spinning your webs bro!

  50. Yo Web, why you not coming to Michigan? You have a ton of fans here man. You should definitely take a detour and come up here man for real