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  1. Good afternoon sir,
    I don’t know if you read this post, but I’ll just have a try. I didn’t knew you untill a couple of years ago, when my little brother introduced your music. He is a enormous fan of you and your music and find a way to give his life a positive turn, because he had a couple of rough and difficult years behind him. An awful divorse of my parents didn’t made everything better. This aside, I just have a question. Do you ever give a tour in Belgium or Europe in the near future? I would like to surprise him if you came to Europe and certainly come to your concert with him. I’m sure he will have the best day of his life and want to give that to him.
    I hope you read this and can get any response if you do a concert or not in Europe.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    Sam De Vetter
    Evergem, Belgium

  2. Webby please please please come to nashville

  3. Webby you should come down to Missouri and do some shows.

  4. Thanku for Webby Wednesday it always pushes me to keep writin n stay focused. Appreciate everything u do

  5. if you ever need someone to open up for you.. http://www.soundcloud.com/connet02

  6. Yo no meet and greet for Watertown or tickets what’s good with that

  7. Hey man. Come over to Boise Idaho.

  8. yo webby im a 15 year old rapper and it would be great if you could give me a listen i just wanna know if i need to improve or not. Here’s my soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/jordymcflash

  9. Are you ever gonna tour in California? I would really love to go to one of your shows

  10. Hey man!! I know you will probly never fucking read or respond to this message.. especially considering how cliche it’s about to get hahaha..
    Buuuuut here goes!! You are my fucking inspiration man. Like beyond my inspiration even. I can find a Webby song for every mood or feeling.. every situation..
    I relate to every word you say dude.. and call me a fucking creep if you want for saying this hahah but we really ARE a lot alike..
    Anyways, I guess what I’m getting at here, is that I hope to meet and/or party with you one day..
    And when are you coming to Canada? How do I get tickets? Info?? Dates??? You gotta keep us Canadians posted if you can man!! I need to plan out my Webby Adventure in advance!! Please tell me something or direct me to someone who does..

  11. Been waiting for 4 years for a UK tour… where you at?! love the new freeverse by the way

  12. I manage an artist I think you’d like to work with, if you can forward me to your manager I’d appreciate it as it would be of mutual benefit.

    Thank you,
    Mandark Management

  13. Sup Webby. I’m jealous you get to hang around people that wanna make dope music all the time. But you worked for that, and deserve it . I’ll be there one day, but in the meantime you’re an inspiration. Seeing your progress and sticking to doing what you want to do for as long as you have is amazing. Keep it up Webby. Looking forward to #WebstersLaboratory2 .. Good vibes

  14. Your song chemically imbalanced reminds me of my “high”school days any chance of you comin to cali in the future?

    • Ide have to say that pretty much all your songs I can relate to one way or the other

  15. Are there pre orders available for the new album and mixtape coming out?

  16. hey man please come to virginia come play at richmond man we recently awhile back had wiz khalifa but your my fav artist and i know alot of people that love your mixtap

  17. Yo webby I know your doing your Canada tour so you should really come
    To Winnipeg some great fans here and I would love to meet you. You help me and I’m at worse and get back up to the best!!!! Me and my
    Bros listen to your shit everyday don’t matter what we’re doing you got music for it!

  18. Happy new year webby and fans. U r so dope bro, been a fan since 2012. As a fan I’m sure like others want 2 see a nice collabo with all nice white rappers (no pun intended). People need 2 know, em is whack and underground is where it’s @. I’m asking 4 a collabo wit, mgk, yellowolf, rittz, and maybe mac miller on da hook.

  19. Happy New Year Webby!
    Best wishes to your friends, family and self from
    us here in Australia

  20. Where Can I get chris Webby Vinyl

  21. You and Halle Berry Make a nice couple with the two of you being together so be a nice Boy and marry the girl so that the black community does not have too worry about her no more.

  22. Hey webster! I was wondering when you are going to do a tour in europe ? I would really love to see you perform man. Maybe smoke a spliff or so ✌

  23. Hey is there some way to get a another Chris Webby T-shirt because one of my family members bought a shirt last week for me for Christmas and it got stolen out of there mallbox and I was really excited about it until today I found out the bad news. I didn’t make a police report because it’s not worth the trouble of not going to be able to find it. Well I hope everyone has a happy holidays

  24. You all are try hards. Dont spam

  25. Actually just listen to this shit. https://soundcloud.com/pipbison/smash-rap

  26. I guess I’m going to have to start my own label like everyone else since it’s impossible to send the shit to labels.

  27. Holy shit people actually have thought of this other than me, but they ain’t nearly as nice haha this is hilarious.


  29. https://soundcloud.com/pipbison

    Make no mistake this is fire.

  30. Please come out to Orange County, Cali. We love you out here

  31. Yo webby trying to get up on a track spit some ill shit that people would play back to back ? little sample of how my flow go….

    (straight freestyle typing on webbys page..
    over age deranged in the membrane
    and strange here we goo uh..
    watchu kno aboout begining
    the feeling of fuckin winning
    been in this game
    since i was a little menace
    i think you need a dentsit bitch
    after i crack your little teeth
    eatchu like some lettuce
    let us
    have a great thankgiving
    whatever i say i have meant it
    im letting you get ahead
    nobody ever challenge
    got balance
    your failing
    might hail
    cause a tardgical storm
    on your melon
    im tellin everybody i adore
    you just snore
    fuck a mac eleven
    fight with your fist
    im pissed
    diss me your in a
    probable state
    youll never be this great
    wait your fish bait
    i hate the liars
    i desire the paridise
    dont stare at me twice
    i just brush my shoulders off
    kid its quiet like a mice
    im nice
    ithink i was jesus christ
    revived to be daniel tyler hunt alright
    cause fright
    its frightening like lighting i strike
    knock you down like bowlin pins
    on sight
    grandfather called me spike
    no spike lee
    getchur knee detached most likely
    if your trusting in a dream
    and that dream is culture
    then youll begin to see
    things are decieving all over
    now nothings what it seems
    i see the end getting closer
    to many people posers
    got me heated like a toaster
    where jehovah in your life
    or even jesus please
    i think youd rather watch
    regis on your tv screen
    now we need to believe
    in random myricals indeed
    before we begin to start a riot
    and cause tragical scene
    now if you cant see why she
    called us kings and queens
    understand sandy bland
    had power in peace
    the police dont agree
    well im sworn to suceed
    and if thats means being me
    then im a tell em so free
    better flee if you think
    my mind is mental and mean
    my whole team got my back
    thats a fact i rap strapped fricken walking almanac
    these guys the hair on my ball sack)

  32. Hey, yo, dope music, if ya got time give me a listen

  33. where can i buy that tie die sweat shirt with the stoned guy on it

  34. The CT concert is that all ages or are there age restrictions

  35. Chris man you have inspired me to change my life, I went from felonies at 13 and by the time i was 16 i was in jail and by 17 i had spent a total of 2 years locked up, now im sober besides weed, have my own store opening and am loving life, someday its my dream to meet you and light up maybe spit bars with you, You are helping change the world, one love and keep it up, One of your biggest fans, the diabetic Liam SugaFree Gauthier

  36. Chris, I just wanted to let you know that my son, Andrew Weber, was a huge fan of yours. He got to meet you in Chicago. I just found a paper on his computer that he wrote that said Peyton Manning and you were his biggest idols. He got to meet you and talk to you in Chicago and whatever you said really inspired him. He was 17 when he passed away June 4, 2013. He saw you either in 2012 or 2013–I can’t remember, but we have a great pic of you and him. He has a notebook of raps that he wrote and their pretty good. He always was a good writer. Anyway, I just found the idol paper and wanted to thank you for whatever you told him that night.

  37. Hey guys. I ordered some few things in your store but i didn’t get the confirmation e-mail. Do i get it later or what? :$

  38. where can i buy that tie die sweat shirt with the stoned guy on it

  39. Do you take beat submmissions Chris Webby? I would love to produce for you! Please let me know!

    mokbeatz@gmail.com is my contact mail

    Looking forward to hearing from you sir!

    – Mok Beatz

  40. Webby please please come to canada you have such a huge fan base up here! I pre orderd chemically imbalanced and jamo neat amd got your snaps both times i was so pumped about it,was soo dope!! and i personally would love to see you perform live!! I would most deff get vip tickets and all of my friends would too!!

  41. What happened to the December 3rd tour in Massachusetts??????

  42. When you gonna put CT on? We got some talent out here a lot of great artists who deserve a chance and work hard. Do you plan on doing anything for the music scene in CT?
    -Torres. of Black Alchemy

  43. Fuck. I just want to rap with you. :/

  44. come to venice fl hit up afro man he always here burning it up! you two should do a show that would be dope af! 941

  45. drive slow is probably my favorite rap of all time ! webby your the fucking man your a beast hope you go far man !

  46. Yo for real come to Toronto I wanna see your show man

  47. Just bought a meet and greet for the Madison WI show on 11/11/15. When do I need to be there for the meet and greet? Is it before or after concert?

  48. Please come back to LI soon me and my boys need to see u again ASAP!!

  49. Can you buy it in shops in from New Zealand and really want some and I have a friend who’s going to America need some be the first in the country to have it been listening to you since la la la still one of your best songs in my opinion cheers webby

  50. Really want some Chris webby merch has everyone not received there’s?