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  1. Event brite says tonight’s concert starts at 6, but on the club’s website it says the doors don’t even open until 8 so I’m wondering what time I should come?

  2. When are you coming to holland? I hope soon!!!!

  3. Come back to Hamilton Ontario ! I’ve been dying to see you live since your bars on me your !!!

  4. Dope show at the nectar lounge Bruh. It was my first concert and not my last. Come back WASHINGTON fucks with you Bruh. Love the music. Keep it up.

  5. yo dude i love your music so does my brother kurtis and i hope some day to buy some t shirts from you or hats

  6. Yo what’s good webby I’m a big fan and have been for a really long time and I haven’t had a chance to see you at a show I hope I can soon you need to come back to Maryland so I can go to a show thanks bro keep doing what you doing

  7. Hey webby , I know you’re a busy guy but I just wanted to see if you could take like 5 mins out of your busy schedule today to wish my girlfriend a happy birthday on twitter or Facebook for me, she’s a HUGE webby fan like me and it would make her day. Her name is Tabitha Scott from philly. Thanks man and hopefully this happens for her. #NinjaSwag!!!

  8. I wanna say dat every since I heard of you on YouTube in a video of underground rappers I haven’t stopped listening to your music to this day Utrecht speak more than inspiration and struggles of life you speak from the heart with the knowledge of a wise man. But I love your freestyles or free verses feel the Bern DatPiff every single one of them and I want to ask if you can make more tracks like that because I really enjoy listening to your music hopefully you see this. I’m not gonna sit hers and dick ride da shit out of you Webby, you’re an amazing lyrical genius and I think you are like Eminem because you like him are very lyrically talented and my 108 song playlist on my SD card is very well proof of that. I know you probably hear this bunch but thank you for being you and not one of these fake-ass puppets liked on the radio and for providing people like me with the dopest fucking 2 evergrace gods Green Earth. Much love from your boy William disruptz

  9. WEBSTER! Will there be copies of homegrown and there goes the neighborhood coming out for sale on the store.

  10. Hey man really hope you could make it to Toronto sometime.
    Been a fan for a long time. Would love to catch a show!

  11. HEY PLEASE tell me THERE are still PLENTY of tickets for THE Nov 25th show at Toads Place RIGHT here in New Haven CONNECTICUT…I got to meet Chris Webby the last time I saw him a FEW months ago and now I CAN only afford to SEE him here in CT so if you CAN let me know if AND when tickets ARE available cause I have to go!!! Thanks LOVE Chris Webby

  12. Shoutout too,
    Webby Gots TheFlows

  13. Hey, You might not get this message but since I’m in Connecticut, I just wanna say that you are the only Chris Webby that got that flow with a New England accent but anyway noyone has done this for me or my crew that I have a business I created called Weirdz Squad Entertainment, What it is, is that when I get a job anytime soon I’m gonna use the money for the business.

  14. Hey, I’m a huge fan and i’d really like to buy a black and white CW logo snapback but most of the hats are out of stock :( … Can you please get some more inventory?

  15. We got our tickets for mill city nights. Now the count down begins

  16. Hey bro it doesn’t say anything for buying tickets beside the Vancouver date in November, it’s not sold out is it ??

  17. So I just ordered two tickets to the show in Indianapolis this November and I didn’t receive my tickets through my email. Been waiting to see you live for 7 years now. And I’m not gonna miss it because my tickets didn’t come through! Lol

  18. Hey Web,

    On Instagram it says your coming to Vancouver, but when I’m trying to buy tickets it doesn’t say Vancouver is on the list, I’m sure it’s nothing and you guys are going to fix it.

    All the best, BP

  19. Hey Christian,

    It’s great just leaving this message knowing you might see it. I have a boyfriend and a few best friends who can really relate to your lyrics and life story really. My man introduced me to you at first and now all I can relate you too is a certain way you present certain situations. I have been given goosebumps and emotional breaks you make me feel.

    When are you coming to Ottawa !!
    Please we’d love to see you.

  20. Rochelle Auriemme
    1 MIN AGO
    Love your music speaks about nothing but the truth and real life shit!! Thanks for scheduling to rock the mic in Ct for your fans!! Would love to meet you but don’t see you have a meet and greet for Oakdale in Ct. Can’t wait for Friday!! I know your gonna kill it!!

  21. How can I become apart of this tour?


  22. Yo Chris come play in Toad’s Place! Or at least somewhere in CT! I just got into your music, you’re dope as fuck. Love to see you live

  23. Man Chris you should come to Michigan somewhere close the U.P I’d love to see you in a concert it’d be my first concert

  24. You inspire me to make my own music, you speak nothing but the truth. You rock keep the shit up #Webbsterslab

  25. Would love to see you come to the UK man! Master of the Ceremony.

  26. Hey man your a lyrical genius and you only speak real shit! Being broke really does bring out the best!! Lol had my highest earning week and it was because I not only had to pay my bills but my roommates as well to keep the lights on! Did it all while bumping you on every ride I give!

  27. Dear Chris Webby or Chris Webby’s people,
    Before I introduce myself I want to say that without a doubt you are hands down one of the most talented rappers in the game today. Your music is beyond inspiring and every work you release sets a new standard not just for other rappers but for hip hop itself. I’ve been rocking out to your stuff since 2010 and your most recent mixtape “Websters Laboratory 2” is by far the best project of 2016. That may sound excessive but I’ve listened to Logic’s new project, G-Eazy’s, Rittz’s, ASAP’s, Hoodie Allen’s, Caskey’s, Lil Dicky’s, Dave East’s and your blowing them all out of the water. I don’t listen to Drake or Future cause that’s for candy asses. With that out of the way allow me to tell you a bit about me:

    My name is Evan Tegtman (Chemical Warfare) and I’m an independently signed hip hop artist from the Chicagoland area. Most recently I’ve been writing and recording music as well as releasing 3 mixtapes in the last 2 years with my most recent project “Dog Town” released in February.

    Along with recording music I have also been opening for national headliners for the past year. My live performances include opening for Jelly roll, Twista, Stevie Stone, Kxng Crooked aka Crooked I, Twiztid, I’m opening for Warren G July 23rd, and I opened for you in Chicago back in November. To this day I still consider opening for you one of if not the best performance of my career to date. You bring an amazing presence to the stage and I’m grateful that I was able to be a part of it. If you’re ever back in Chicago you can believe I’ll be major league grinding to open for you again.

    I’m not asking for any favors and I’ll never be someone who does, but if you’re able to find the time to check out some of my music I would genuinely appreciate your professional feedback and constructive criticism. The best way to hear my music is by going to http://www.reverbnation.com/chemicalwarfare2. There’s also icon’s that take you to my Facebook and Twitter, and my email is shmevaneggman22@gmail.com.

    I hope to hear from you soon, Thank you for time Chris Webby/Chris Webby’s people and keep spitting them game changers.

    Evan Tegtman (Chemical Warfare)

  28. Yo you make dope track you remind me of my brother and I and thanks for following me on Twitter
    Sorry I would buy some merch but money is a bit tight now

  29. Yo webby, makin some killer tunes man, one of my favorites is down right, I listened to you before I ever got my camaro, then well when that vid came out and I watched it I was floored, the struggle can be real tryna get outta that whip sometimes haha. You, mac and a few other artists come out with some real nice music that hit stings ya feal, that just resonate so deep and actually show me what is possible, still at the beginning of this journey wanting to make music while trying to pursue other things to keep the funds coming in, but man just keep doing you, like ive always thought you was good, had alotta of killer stuff but it was sort of spread out, websters lab 2 man is just hit after hit man, gettin me too pumped through the day people just cant stand it haha, ignition my anthem, 82′ whip, older chicks, like just i can relate to that alot, when they bendin over that center console, gettin sloppy with their arms and shit and hittin the damn window or trunk button is enfuriating *smack* haha. Got ten thumbs up from me.

  30. come down to Canada

  31. Hey Bro,
    So like I just saw that package deal and its sold out like can I still buy it some where?

    • Yo,
      BTW San Diego for life man you should come out! I missed you last time thinking about it still bummers me out! But I think you dope and real you could %100 be the best rapper who ever lived

  32. Heyyya big fan from Edmonton Canada just wanted to say you’re amazing and I love your music and all the hard work you put into it, there’s nothing else I’d rather listen to when I’m in a good mood :)) but I really really think you should tour Canada cause I’m dying to see ya live man!! Would make my life complete xoxo

  33. Hey Chris idk how I just managed to find this site but you’ve been my hero for years. You are practically the only artist I play your references take me back man. I practically died when I found out I missed you in Sacramento CA when will you be back?! You actually have me the idea to start driving for uber and its actually working out so well, thanks man I owe it all to you. Id die if u added me on playstation network (DemonicRT371). And you best bet when I have my bills paid off in buying all your merch (especially the PS4 controller I’m tired of my roommates getting the controllers mixed up)

  34. Ayy Chris Webby where can i buy actual CDs of all ur music i have them all downloaded but i wanna finnacially support u cuz i love ur music it has got me thru alotta rough times in my lifem. I bought chemically imbalanced but i want the other ones. I feel like what u rap about really describes me to a T i was diagnosed with ADHDand told i wood never amount to anything and for awhile there i believed em when they wood say that shit. But i never took the medicine they wantted me to take. I found alternatives like herb and coffee.

  35. Hi! I’m a huge fan out of Bethlehem pa, i went to see you for the first time at steel stacks and i was wondering if you could throw me in a music video in a year after I’m off probation, I’d really like to celebrate and i wanted my favorite artist to be involved. Thanks for all the amazing music over the years it got me through some of the lowest points in my life and its only getting better with time.. Hope you’re having a good day, keep up the good work!

  36. Dude come back to Jersey. Been a fan since bars on me, and still love the shit before that. I haven’t got to see you yet, and I missed you at Woodbridge mall because of work. I’d love to meet you

  37. Awesome work on on the new CD Chris. First one I’ve ever heard in my life wear all the songs are actually good.Keep branching out to new people make yourself known and don’t let no one ever tell or boss you around. And could some tell me wear to buy Webster’s laboratory 2

  38. Hey jw if you could put up the guitar tab for That’s Life. Awesome song thanks!

  39. Dude!! Your fuckin awesome man i love your music

  40. Hello,my name is Beaniedon(@beaniedon) im a rising music artist from Stratford ct
    I have my first solo mixtape dropping may 28th an im looking to expand and connect as much as possible.
    Im 1 of a duo ,our label is dossubtre llc our latest work , you can find on YouTube @ DOSSUBTRETV
    Our most recent project was a 4/20 inspired project called higher learning
    Our crew goes by the 168erz which stands for 24 hrs × 7 days of positive progress.
    Heres our epk with our first ever project of music

  41. Hi Chris!

    I’m developing innovative technology with Yale University to promote new/rising artists from indie labels and to generate higher audience attendance rates for their concerts. I’m hoping we can collaborate with Homegrown Music Group for their feedback on how we can help indie labels generate more revenue and compete with major labels. Hopefully, then, we can tailor our technology for your use and success. Looking forward to collaborating with you! My email is: xiuqi.cao@yale.edu. You can also find me on FB (Xiuqi Cao). Cheers!

  42. Yo Webby you should really come to Lubbock Tx. It would be lit asf

  43. Yo web huge fan the shit you make is dope! my favorite song by you is Sativa or the underclassman version of brim low. all your music is dope i just selected those two because there my favorite. Oh and Certified that one is dope too
    J Slick Part of farnsworthy creations 2016
    Thats my bro

  44. Yo when and where can i purchase jurassic park heard it on hiphopenation Sirius xm want that song dope dude..

  45. Yo webby really big fan bud, you should come to Ontario in the next couple of years man. You’ve got a huge following up here in Canada ur fucking dope dude

  46. Webby I seen you with tech and wish your tour hit Chicago this year I would see u again, that was a chance of a lifetime to see you Zuse and tech togethure! Was a dream come true man. Keep going up fam!

  47. What are the dates and locations for your Canadian tour?! So stoked to finally see one of your shows!

  48. Hey Webby,
    Long time fan, I literally bump “Fer Sher” & “Webster’s Revenge” everyday. I’m coming to your show in Clifton Park on 4/27 and wanna propose to my girl during the show. She’ll be surprised as fuck and it would make a great story. It might even be cool for A.D.D TV. If you get the msg and there’s any way you could help me out, that would be fucking amazing. Can’t wait to here the new tracks for Webster’s Lab 2! Hope to here from ya man!

  49. Hey man!

    Would it be possible to purchase all of your albums AUTOGRAPHED? I’m willing to pay whatever you think is fair. My lady and I have been following you since seeing you at a tiny venue in Baltimore back in 2012 at Ottobar. Her birthday is coming up and I would like to surprise her with framed and signed albums to hang in our bar. If you could put your people in contact with me I would be forever grateful!!!

    Thank you for considering this,

  50. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO CANADA! Ive got everyone in my life listening to you and i will not stop especially after i get to meet you and tell yu how amaxing you are in person! please come see your canadian fans we love you amd id do just about anything to meet you