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  1. Thank you. Your music is saving my life, and you don’t even know who I am . ✌️ In debt to you.

  2. Can you buy the tickets and VIP at the doors in Ann arbor? And how much will they be?

  3. follow me on Twitter webby ! @1donavenjustice

  4. Do you have VIP for The Toads Place show?

  5. I ordered a websters lab ll hoodie and recieved thr wrong hoodie and cant get ahold of anyone yo get the right hoodie shipped to me

  6. Webby I love your music Bro, would love to see you do a show in TORONTO, ONTARIO. Also went to buy some merch off the store and all the best stuff is sold out. Re up that shit so i can support good music. Cheers

  7. Would love for you to come to Charlotte area NC/ SC or even any other surrounding states really!

  8. Web! You gotta come to kamloops bc! Would be bumoing as hell!

  9. Was at the south Burl higher ground and it was mad bumping, loved it and your spitted some mad bars WEB, COME BACK SOOONN

  10. Come to Canada more

  11. If at all possible, tonight in Rochester can you perform “Only Way to Go” for my good friend Rob Brooks. He is the reason why I am a huge Webby fan to this day. Unfortunately he can not make tonight’s concert because he is away at fort Jackson for boot camp for the army. It would mean the world to him to see the video of that song performed live tonight dedicated to him. Hope you see this in time! Thanks!

  12. I just wanna say Chris webby u the shit man saw u at Lee’s palace on Wednesday in Toronto best show I’ve ever seen my life like I said when I saw u after u are the rap god Fuck eminem covenant ur dope keep being u and me and everyone I know will support u and come to Canada more

  13. Can we use your name in a title of a game me and my bro is thinking about making .

  14. Can i make your next music video?

  15. Hey, I bought the VIP meet and greet pack to the Toronto concert, I was wondering if I get tickets with the rope? And what timeshould I be at Lee’s palace for the meet and greet?

  16. Keep up the killer work Web ! All this music you dumping every WebbyWednesday is super dope! Truly inspiring for a up and comer


  18. is there going to be a meet and great when you come to Portland, Me?

  19. hi

  20. Web ! Come to florida again man ! Plenty of fans here! Ive never seen any of your concerts before ! But ive been bumping you for 6 or seven years ! Since the second time i blazed up! ! Gotta come to fl soon homie !!

  21. Hey man,
    Big fan since 2010. I just dm’ed you on Insta. I would really like a vip/backstage passes for me and 3 girls. I’ll take 2 if that’s all you can do. And pay top dollar. It’d b worth it. I didn’t see any for sale. Never been to a show of yours and I like the full experience. Lmk what you can do, I’ll get GA if I have to, already bought 4 just incase

  22. Come to Wisconsin please

  23. Don’t mean to make this too much of a kiss ass piece, but…
    Your lyrics are really great and your flow is amazing. You strike an awesome balance between writing thoughtful and humorous pieces and manage to keep things fresh, interesting, and unique while putting your signature style on all of your work. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I consider you one of the best rappers out there and wanted to thank you for putting out new music constantly on Spotify. Keep up the amazing work, man! Best of luck!

  24. Where has your music been all my life!?!?!?!?!?

  25. Keep at it bro! Best out there!

  26. Hello I’m a part of the crew loud and proud since 17 and I’d love to share some words and hopefully you can use some to help u rhyme so I can get paid too….

    What’s a craving
    To me I had gone a year without heroin and I did not know or want to admit that this was my drug of choice. I’ve tried to forget it exists and pretend I don’t like it the thought of even going to have it in my body without having control passing it to u my drug of choice is scary and one thought I don’t ever take lightly. What’s scary is I smoked u this time so u weren’t so harsh on my body what’s even worse I reminded myself why I liked u when I had forgotten the way u were to me but now I lapsed even though just once what’s even harder to deal with is the feeling so fresh in my mind it’s even harder to say no but everyday since I lapsed is another day sober and I’m proud to be mindful of this environment to be able to say I will lapse no more to you heroin.
    Good bye Valium’s which controlling my emotions since 16 now 28 and pill free open floor like my 8 yr old learning school I’m at his level and find it hard.
    Ice is next to kick the bucket then will be good old Mary Jayne. Sex will be added not as to substitute and neither will social media.





    I was born in canberra and moved to sunshine coast when I was 12 so I became a custom to being looked after with doctors who care. Now when I was 19 my mother moved me to Canberra to work and I fell pregnant and stayed stagnant in my recovery which I started from drugs on the sunshine coast up until I moved to Canberra and I’m now 28 trying to find the same resources for my knowledge and I can not find them without being made to feel like I challenged the person on the phone as they hang up on me which is hard because of my illness I have difficulty explaining myself and I don’t even get a chance to in the health system in Canberra they feel im discussing differences of political stuff over the phone because I don’t get straight to the point. Even I have notice the police now know how to be mindful when dealing with people undignosed like me so when I have an episode we are unsure I’m born childminded or I mirror image the others around me which I deserve a Emmy awards for if so the doctors say in Canberra or it’s a drug induced phycosis.

    I stopped being invisible and confronted my fears so not meny would have to suffer or have there image in life lessoned because they have a hording problem

    this feeling of love well the best way to describe it only as I can think best would be when u can’t live with someone but u definitely know it’s hurts more inside if they are not around. to me this is what love might be and I’ve only had it 3 times in my life seriously but I’ve had more only a couple more but they weren’t love like I feel with one of the people I’m recently fallen in love for. everything about my Croatian man marli turns me on from his lips to his body to his hands legs thighs and his sound of his voice the smile he brings to my face when he asks me something and what’s scaryis today he asked a question and I told him I didn’t know and then to my surprise a few minutes later he was putting his bags on his back and walking to the door. I said where are you going no reply and I asked again louder where are u going. I had been waiting for marli to come back all night as I was lonely but not alone because I had visitors sleeping in the next room all I know is I could tell the difference between lonely alone and actually missing someones time. could I really be this in love with someone that totally upsets my balance which is a good thing only as I’m so out of balance I need to get back into balancing and had forgotten how it is to tolerate someone and there personality for them being in the same place at the same time as them. for me sitting in the quiet now and alone missing the comfortablity sitting with my marli I am just upset at my self for being so horny for him right now that I want to touch him in so menydifferent ways but for some reason he will not let me which is hurting me because the more I see him I am sexually deprived and frustrated which makes me snappy and shorthanded in replying like a normal person.

    a few days ago I learnt that the neurons in my brain had lost there connection with a close by one to convey small messages across the brain and how mine after a prolonged period of drug use seeing the receptors in the neurons are not there and this is what can cause someone to have a connection breakdown with anything that is normally passed through and if it’s not and as a result I can say low I’ve forgotten how to communicate how to listen how to self care how to deal with the feelings of emotions how to look after myself I’ve forgotten how to just be a normal human being. I was 17 when I started ice and after now being 28 I can see the significant signs of what’s being taking its toll on my body and the thought of it scares me so I’m writing this in hope I never forget anything I’ve put in my mind again which with dementia and alsimer running in my family it’s very scary if we don’t want to remember someone or something our minds can almost like if ur not using it u will lose it and that’s very vital to any age not just older.


    today I’ve just understood the true meaning of an unpredictable. I believe an unpredictable person is someone so strong on their morals they will do anything not to lose them because in turn if u lose ur morals u will then in a knock on effect lose ur integrity for urselfs inner peace of mind which is very valuable as a human to have. I’ve experienced that if there is none of this then a person soon enough becomes a hollow shell of bones skin and a human doing not a human being. to me this is the difference between someone who enjoys there life and someone who doesn’t.
    on another note

    looking at other children at different ages in their lives I can narrow it down to a age of 3 my mind is which is a hard thing to deal with because I at least thought I was at an 8 year olds level. so in my head space I can see a child on a bus and she is the age of 3 sitting up going wheeeee when it speeds up. and errrkkkkk when it breaks makes me realize how much I still enjoy to this day doing the noises a car makes whislt driving made a realisation in my. already days of our lives life I live.

    the way songs are these days amazes me more and more then the last day it just keeps getting better and better with everyday that passes as a fine wine. to the point where it can empower me right in the middle of a bus ride hearing that crying is good in the lyrics it means ur healing

    the powers of persuasion


    at what point do need to ask yourself to lower your standards because you know you’re not perfect. It’s not always lowering your standards but accepting somebody who is not perfect just the way I’m am not and I have to ask myself why would one tolerate such and differences loneliness loneliness is the answer as to why somebody wouldn’t lower their standards or for short from wear their there ment to land. I’d say it’s almost as someone set in there ways not able to change and tolerance for someone and what u will allow yourself to tolerate.
    I’m writing this for my counselor B I wonder why workers at smart recovery believe my perspective is so valuable

  27. Hey bro would I have to buy a ticket to get into the show at sunshine studios for my 2 year old son

  28. Hey webby if your reading this I am a 15 year old rapper and I think I have real talent and so does everyone who has heard me and I would love if you would give me a shot to impress you and I know I will. Since I’m only 15 I am still progressing through vocabulary and skill in general but if anybody was to produce me I would want it to be you. Your my favorite rapper for a reason and I think you know how I feel. So if your interested email me at tjhunt@princeville326.org or you can message me on Facebook at Thomas Hunt. Please give me a shot

  29. Hey man, come out to Berkeley (anywhere in East bay). So many people vibe. I’d love to but you a drink.

  30. 860!!!!! My dude Chris’s webby !

  31. Chris Webby, I have no idea who you are but you came to me two nights ago in my dream. You were standing next to my daughter Hannah, both smiling and waving your hands. When I woke up my son told me who you are. I believe god sent you to me in my dream for my daughter Hannah. On March 18th 2017 we were woke up by the police telling us that Hannah had received a 99% dose of herion. They told us that she was at the hospital on life support and we needed to get there to donate her organs. When we got there she was not on life support but on a ventilator and we were told that she was brain dead. This week has been unbelieveable to say the least.. Hannah is 27 years old and unfortunately got introduced to this soulless drug. She is not out of the woods by any means but is not the horriable senerio they have been telling us. God and time is on her side. Of course she doesn’t have medical insurance and the hospital where she is being treated just doesn’t give the care she is needing. I just wanted you to know that for some reason you came into my dream. And I’m asking you to please Pray for my daughter Hannah Brock.. Thoughtfully, Paula Brock

  32. Where can I download High by the Beach?

  33. Please make a bathing suit for me to rock!

  34. No one understands the 203 but us Webby. I got this other rapper felly that’s the shit as well but ur the original OG OG like ur where around first then he came around in like 2010. I still listen to u too “SKYLINE”. I WILL NEVER FLRGET THAT SONG WEBBY

  35. Yo Webb me and my boys in the 203 use to listen to you spitting fire way back and now your music is like all serious and crap go back to “the old Chris webby” I want you to start again like there goes my neighbor hood. Go back to those days yo “SKYLINE” was my shit then and still is I will never forget that song me and my boys always got you in the 203

  36. Hey Chris, first off you’re one of the best, most original rappers I’ve heard nowadays, but anyway I’m a 16 year old cowboy from Montana and I am not a huge fan of rap.. But you man, you’re amazing. I have adhd and a lot of your music rings true to how I feel, and for your age and how long you’ve been making music, you’re such a good rapper. You have so much talent. It’s my dream to smoke some weed with you, because you’re Chris fucking Webby man… Anyway man, I hope you keep making music and I’ll keep supporting you man! The future only gets brighter from here! Peace out man
    -Jake Pickett, true Chris Webby fan

  37. Hey bro thanks for advocating for all of us GINNIE PIGS! it means alot I took medication for ADHD since second grade and at one point I was prescribed 60 mgs twice a day I nearly overdosed on class almost daily, only someone that has been there knows how it is life was a boring blurr, every summer I wanted to be myself so I would detox for two to three weeks before I could enjoy my summer but I did it anyways every summer, since I constantly work on on my ADHD my self it’s a constant struggle and always will be but life is way more interesting if it’s a challenge I’ve found , weed has helped more than anything but luckily I was born and raised in CO, your music is therepy to me just wanted to show some love keep it up main!

  38. I’m going to buy all the albums so I can slap that shit in my car hell yaaaaaa

  39. You should come to Ottawa, Ontario some time this year for Canada’s 150th anniversary!! Haven’t seen you since the Montreal show after the bars on me release

  40. Top 1% listener on Spotify here 😀

    Just found out you have more tunes here/ ondatpiff – couldn’t be happier.
    I also would love if you could perform in Europe!
    Keep it up!

    Best wishes from Germany, Berlin.

  41. Hey Chris! Any plans to perform in Europe in the near future? You’ve got some fans here in Germany who would kill to see you live sometime! The Splash rap festival is perfect for an act and there are many other really cool locations to perform around here. Fingers crossed man!

    P.S. lovin’ the music, man keep it up!

  42. i wanna thank you so much for being there for my son and listening to him he has had it very rough he’s an amazing kid who also takes care of his sick mother very strong kid could you message me i would like to surprise him thank you again so much

  43. When will the bext tour be? And will you be coming to Maryland?

  44. Glad to visit here.

  45. hi! greets from finland i love your music its been therapeutic to me.
    i have the worst whitdrawal from (Xanor,Opiates) and your music is helping thx for that.. keep the good work up!! if you are coming to Finland contact me at FB or mail kosderi@hotmail.fi :)

  46. I just wanna say your killing. Keep it up and you gotta make a song named “Thrones” straight up all about games of thrones it would be filthy. It would such dope project just an idea. Either way keep doing you